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Etsy makers need General Liability insurance

Are you one of the thousands of Etsy sellers? Do you run your small Etsy business from your home? Well, you need to check your homeowners insurance to see if they cover home-based businesses!

Almost all the time the typical homeowners insurance or renters insurance do not cover liability that comes with running a small business out of your home.

Many Etsy sellers like you make over $35k per year and make their inspirational goods in their home/garage.

But, what happens if your product causes injury? What if you are customers sue you for false advertising or what if a competitor sues you for copyright infringement? Will your UPS driver slip and fall at your driveway while picking up your Etsy products to mail out? Guess what his injury will not be covered by your homeowners/renters insurance.

Well all of these reasons are why General Liability is so important for Etsy sellers. For about $50/month you can get up to $2M in liability coverage.



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